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Rose & Geranium Body Oil

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A Luxurious Treat!

Juicy Bod’s Rose and Geranium Body Oil is the ultimate luxury for my skin. I use it morning and night after showering to keep my skin soft and supple. The oil applies beautifully, smells divine, and the rose quartz is a lovely unique touch. I can’t wait to see what other beautiful products Juicy Bod creates!


Liquid Gold

I absolutely love Juicy Bod oil, it is the most nourishing thing I’ve ever used on my skin! After two babies in two and a half years my skin was in need of a lot of extra love and Juicy Bod was exactly what I had been looking for (and believe me I’d been searching). It makes me feel like I’m giving myself a little beauty treatment every night before I go to bed. The thing I love most about this product is that it is all natural, and I can use it on my kids. Both my children have very sensitive skin and I felt so confident using this on their skin and it has completely cleared up the dermatitis my son had on his face.


So Nourishing

I use this oil for everything, a moisturiser, hair leave in and makeup remover. 
It is very nourishing, it quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves skin smooth and silky. 
The oil smells amazing and instantly calms and relaxes. 


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